Houghton Main Section 73 Application Approval

Peel Environmental’s application to vary some of the conditions to its consented Houghton Main project was overwhelmingly approved by members of the Planning Regulatory Board Committee at Barnsley MBC yesterday.

The Houghton Main Energy Centre will use Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) that currently ends up in landfill or is exported from the UK for use in energy recovery facilities across Europe. RDF consists of what remains after recyclates such as higher quality paper, card, wood, plastics, glass, aggregates and metal have been removed.

Richard Barker, Development Manager at Peel Environmental said:

“The Houghton Main Energy Centre will bring around £100 million of investment into Barnsley and continue the regeneration of the former colliery site. 20 full-time jobs will be created at the energy centre when operational and around 200 jobs will be created during construction.

“We are delighted that members agreed with their officer’s recommendation and gave the go-ahead for the changes to be made. There is a real opportunity for this energy centre to act as a catalyst for further regeneration of the area, as the site is surrounded by land earmarked for employment use.”

The energy centre would generate up to 22MW of low-carbon energy in the form of electricity (enough to power 51,000 homes*) and potentially heat. This electricity would be exported to the local grid, contributing to the national energy supply, whilst the residual heat from the process could be used by neighbouring businesses.

* Ofgem (2015) ‘Typical Domestic Consumption Values’, calculated as electricity profile 1 – medium. (22*1000*8000)/3100 = 56774


For more information contact Kevin Whitmore:

Telephone: 07880 380 904

Email: kevin.whitmore@becg.com

Notes to editor:

Peel Environmental, part of Peel Land and Property (Peel L&P), is a development company that delivers new infrastructure in the waste, mineral and environmental technology sectors across the UK. The business is supporting the development of a number of sites for a range of energy-from-waste schemes. The UK’s future energy needs can only be met through a mixture of energy technologies and Peel Environmental's investment in the sector is designed to support these requirements.

More information about Peel Environmental can be found at https://www.peelenvironmental.co.uk/

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