Peel Environmental Acquire Mothballed 212MW Power Station Site in Derby

11th July 2018

11th July 2018

Peel Environmental, part of Peel Land and Property, have acquired a 212MW mothballed power station site in Derby, and with its operating partners plan to recommence power generation at the site in the near future.

Power has been produced from the site in Spondon, Derby, since the 1920’s, initially using coal and then more recently using gas turbines and engines to produce power and heat. The site is approximately 10 acres and is situated next to the River Derwent and adjacent to the former Celanese site and Derby Commercial Park. 

The power station will now undergo a period of investment and the site will be used to generate power from gas providing flexible services to the national grid in the Capacity Market. The move will see the site contributing to the UK’s transition to more local and responsive power generation that supports a low carbon economy.

Kieran Tames, Development Manager at Peel Environmental said:

“We are pleased to have secured the ownership of the site and look forward to the power station being energised in due course, providing the capacity the grid needs that will help to ensure the lights remain on.

“The UK increasingly needs flexible power sources that support the growth of renewables which are largely intermittent and weather dependent. Re-using existing sites like this is not only good for the security of supply but enables power to be produced locally.”

The power station used to provide heat to the adjacent chemical factory but stopped generating in 2012 when Celanese closed. It is due to recommence power generation in mid-2019.

11th July 2018

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