Peel Environmental Celebrate the Launch of the new North West Hydrogen Alliance


29th November 2018

Peel Environmental are pleased to announce the launch of the North West Hydrogen Alliance (NWHA). The alliance was formed to promote all current hydrogen initiatives based in the North West and take ownership of our future as one of the leading decarbonised energy clusters in the UK.

The NWHA unites some of the UK’s most influential organisations who are driving forward work to position the region as the UK leader for hydrogen energy. Since Peel Environmental founded this alliance, the alliance members now involved are: Peel Environmental, Atkins, BOC, Cadent, Costain, The University of Chester and Shell.

Tony Smith, Commercial Strategy Manager at Peel Environmental, said: 

“The North West of England is poised to be the primary region for the development of a decarbonised, hydrogen based energy market for the UK.  It already features all the necessary components to develop a hydrogen economy – thriving industry, an existing skilled workforce, city regions that collaborate, as well as natural and industrial assets.” 

Michael Donnelly, Business Development Manager at Peel Environmental and Manager of the NWHA, said: 

“It is heartening to see the hard work of all alliance members over the last months has brought about a platform where industry professionals, students, government representatives and hydrogen enthusiasts can find out exactly what is going on in the region. We have demonstrated a united front, showing that a NW decarbonised energy cluster is for the here and now"

The most significant initiative brought forward is the HyNet project, which plans to use hydrogen for significant CO2 emissions savings from industry, homes and transport by repurposing the existing infrastructure already in place in the region. From this, we could see the use of hydrogen vehicles, trains, ships and planes in the near future.

The website for the NWHA can be found below, acting as a one-stop shop for news, insight and resources on how hydrogen is taking off in the North West.


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