Protos Biomass Facility

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Protos Biomass Facility, Protos, Cheshire

Waste Infrastructure Development


Project Contact:
Jane Gaston on 0161 629 8200
or email  


21.5 MW biomass facility capable of processing 170,000 tonnes of waste wood from a facility co-located at Protos.


Protos which is located on the south bank of the Manchester Ship Canal, it is approximately 9.5 miles to the east of Chester, 18 miles south of Liverpool and 33 miles west of Manchester.


Planning status

The site has planning permission for a 21.5 MW biomass facility capable of processing waste wood.

Further information

This project was taken through planning by Peel and is being delivered by CoGen. The plant started construction in October 2015, moved into commissioning in November 2017 and is due to be fully operational by March 2018. Peel has delivered the supporting infrastructure to the wider Protos development including roadways and utilities. This arrangement typifies Peel Environmental’s business model which seeks to de-risk and deliver oven ready projects to the market.

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