Houghton Main TRRC

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Houghton Main Renewable Energy Park, South Yorkshire

Waste Infrastructure Development

Site Area:
2.71 Ha

Project Contact
Richard Barker on 0161 629 8200
or email mailto:rbarker@peellandp.co.uk 

Proposed Renewable Energy Park incorporating a 20MW Timber Resource Recovery Facility employing gasification technology.


The site is located approximately 4 miles east of Barnsley near the settlement of Little Houghton in South Yorkshire. The site lies adjacent to the A6195 which provides access to the local and national road network.


Planning Permission Status

Planning permission was granted subject to conditions on the 6 June 2015 and issued 29 June 2015.

Further information

The proposed Timber Resource Recovery Centre (TRRC) would generate up to 20MW of low-carbon electricity. The TRRC will use wood, or biomass, as a fuel to create both electricity and heat, helping reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and increase the mix of methods we use to create our energy.

The Energy Centre, the TRRC will treat and process wood derived products such as timber and paper, left after recycling. The materials will be placed into a chamber and heated to high temperatures in a low oxygen environment to produce what is known as a syngas. This syngas can then be used to create steam, which can power an electricity-producing turbine.

The facility will create up to 25 permanent jobs and a further 200 jobs would be created during construction.