Fletcher Bank Quarry

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Fletcher Bank Quarry, North Manchester

Active Quarry and Associated Restoration Operation

Site Area:

Project Contact
Kieran Tames on 0161 629 8200
or email mailto: ktames@peellandp.co.uk  

Active hard rock quarry with associated restoration using imported materials, material recycling operations and the creation of a development platform for future development opportunities.


Located in North Manchester, near Bury and approximately 1.5km from J1 M66.


Planning Permission Status

Extant planning permission for all operations on site.

Further Information:

The site is an active quarry located at Ramsbottom, records show that the site has been worked since the early 1900 right up to the present day.

The quarry has consented reserves of around 2 million tonnes and produces circa 125,000 tonnes per annum of sandstone products and aggregates.

Exhausted phases of the quarry are undergoing restoration work which will be completed by the importation of construction and demolition waste.

Representations are being made to the Local Plan for the future development of the site.