Bilsthorpe Colliery


Bilsthorpe Energy Centre,

Waste Infrastructure Development

Site Area:
4.19 Ha

Project Contact
Richard Barker on 0161 629 8200
or email  

Proposed Energy Centre incorporating a Materials Recovery Facility and a Gasification Facility capable of generating 9.6MW of electricity.


The site is located on Bilsthorpe Business Park which is 6 miles to the east of Mansfield and close to the settlement of Bilsthorpe in Nottinghamshire.


Planning Permission Status

Existing Business Park is a partially developed, serviced employment site within the statutory development plan.  Following a resolution to grant permission the decision was called in by the Secretary of State for determination by public inquiry and subsequently approved in 2016.

Further information

The proposed Bilsthorpe Energy Centre will include two key parts. A Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and a Gasification Facility; The Feedstock will be heated by plasma torches to produce a syngas that is used to generate up to 9.6MW of electricity to be exported to the National Grid.

The MRF will handle around 117,000 tonnes of non-hazardous residual waste each year to produce 95,000 tonnes of SRF material which will then be mixed with limestone and metallurgical coke to produce the ‘feedstock’ that is fed into the Gasification Facility via a series of conveyors.

The feedstock is heated to temperatures of over 1,200oC, with controlled amounts of oxygen to create an energy-rich synthesis gas (syngas), which is cleaned and compressed, and then used to generate electricity through a series of high efficiency Internal Combustion Engines. The electricity produced by the Energy Centre (9.6MW) would be fed into the National Grid.

The Energy Centre would create 46 operational and support jobs, with up to 330 full-time equivalent positions during the construction period. The project could bring an economic boost of around £3.9 million per year into the local economy.