Southmoor Energy Centre S73 Application

Plan showing location of proposed Southmoor Energy Centre

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Peel Environmental is committed to engaging with local communities and will be working with community representatives to inform residents about the S73 application.

For further information or to submit your feedback you can contact our planning team via 0800 170 1418 (9am-5pm, Mon to Fri) or email

Peel Environmental is progressing plans for the Southmoor Energy Centre at the former Kellingley Colliery site, off Weeland Road in Beal.  Planning consent for an energy recovery facility was granted by North Yorkshire County Council in 2015.

Working with development partners, we are currently selecting the equipment manufacturers and suppliers that will provide the technology to the Centre with a start on site expected in Autumn 2019.

In advance of construction starting, Peel Environmental would like to alter some of the conditions attached to the existing planning permission and has recently submitted a S73 application to North Yorkshire County Council.  These changes relate to the amount of fuel that can be brought to the facility and the number of vehicles needed to transport it, as well as some minor changes to the design and layout of facility.

Further information can be found here.

What changes are we proposing?

In order to secure £200 million investment in the site, we need to make some changes and have submitted a planning application to North Yorkshire County Council. The updated plans will provide the project with flexibility, increasing the fuel for the facility from 280,000 tonnes to 350,000 tonnes per year. This will help divert more waste away from landfill and generate more low carbon energy – about enough to power over 73,000 homes*.

The alterations sought would not result in any additional development at the site. As with our previous application, updated assessments have considered any effects of the proposed changes. These include transport; air quality and noise, as well as an updated need assessment, which details the need for more energy generation capacity in the region and the UK.

Our transport assessment shows that there will only be a minimal increase in traffic movements compared to the previously consented plans. There will only be an extra 14 Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) movements, increasing from 132 to 146 per day, due to HGVs being able to take more waste per vehicle.

The fuel for the energy centre would be brought to the site via junction 34 of the M62.  Upon arrival HGVs would enter the site via a newly constructed access point on the A645 Weeland Road, 250m to the east of the current access.


Investing in North Yorkshire

The Southmoor Energy Centre will:

  • Represent a £200 million of investment into the region

  • Generate business rates of £1,250,000 annually

  • Add an estimated £3.2 million per year to the local economy

  • Create around 38 full time jobs and 375 positions during construction, including skilled and non-skilled roles

  • Generate up to 35MW of low carbon energy – about enough to power over 73,000 homes*

  • Provide the potential to provide heat directly to surrounding businesses, including those planned for the Kellingley Colliery site.

  • Save around 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year

 *Figure is based on Ofgem average household consumption of 3100kw


Chris Midgley