Peel Environmental is committed to engaging with and supporting the communities which host our projects, with a view to leaving a positive and lasting legacy

Here you can find out about the projects that we are promoting through the associated consultation pages, along with information on the forum’s which allow communities to keep informed and keep track of the latest updates. 



The principles of engagement and participation are integral to Peel Environmental’s approach to community consultation. The company seeks the views of the local community in a dynamic way utilising a range of communication techniques to exchange of views and shape the projects. Peel Environmental will seek the views of local communities on new projects that the company brings forward via this page. 




For more information on the Protos Community Forum and details of any new planning proposals please visit


Southmoor Energy Centre S73 Application

Peel Environmental is committed to engaging with local communities and will be working with community representatives to inform residents about the S73 application.

Further details can be found here →


Houghton Main Energy Centre S73 Application

Peel Environmental is progressing plans to develop an Energy Centre at the former Houghton Main Colliery site, off Park Spring Road (A6195).

Further details can be found here →


There are no further active consultation, please monitor this section for future developments.


Local Liaison

Peel Environmental is committed to the long term investment in the communities in which we operate. Being a responsible member of the community we establish forum’s that provide local community representatives with a means of regular and ongoing dialogue throughout the life of our developments.


Community Benefit

Communities can benefit both directly and indirectly from our projects through the inward investment, local employment opportunities, supply chain development, volunteering and community benefit funds.



As part of the development, a Community Benefit Fund was established in 2016 with £30,000 available to the local community each year. The Community Benefit Fund is not administered by Peel Environmental.  Decisions are made by a Benefit Fund Panel, made up of voting members from the Community Forum.  Once the panel has made a decision, members of the Community Forum then have to approve allocation of funds.

Recent projects funded in full or in part by the Protos Community Benefit Fun include new kitchen and equipment for Elton Church Hall, interactive play equipment for Elton Primary School and a refurbished roof for Ince Village Hall.

For more information about the Protos Community Benefit Fund, please visit the dedicated section of the community page on the Protos website

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