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A development company that delivers new infrastructure in the waste, mineral and environmental technology sectors across the UK.

Peel Environmental works with landowners, investors, operators, contractors and technology providers to develop deliverable business models for waste and environmental technology projects. Offering property solutions and delivering consented property to facilitate development in established and emerging markets.

We manage and maintain several quarry operations with extensive mineral reserves. The company are actively prospecting for suitable mineral resources, working with landowners and operators to bring forward new mineral extraction opportunities across the UK.

Peel Environmental have a proven track record securing planning permission for new capacity and infrastructure in these niche sectors.



Energy from Waste

The UK’s future energy needs can only be met through a mixture of energy technologies and Peel Environmental's investment in the sector is designed to support these requirements.



Security of energy supply demands measures such as greater household and business energy efficiency and improved distribution and transmission infrastructure alongside diverse sustainable generation.

Residual waste that cannot be recycled is a resource from which energy can be recovered. Energy from waste can contribute to the objective of security of supply. Peel Environmental is supporting the development of a number of sites for a range of energy from waste schemes. Developing and de-risking projects through the development phase – obtaining property rights, securing planning permission, other relevant environmental licences and, where appropriate, undertaking enabling works.

The appropriate technology to satisfy the local market requirement is selected and sites suitable to support the technology are identified. Where possible these can be co-located to export heat and power to neighbouring industry and developments. We have secured planning approval for projects ranging in capacity from 1.5MW to 95MW and embrace technologies including Anaerobic Digestion, Advanced Conversion Technologies and Traditional Energy from Waste.

We have a portfolio of sites throughout the UK, many providing multi modal transport opportunities to reduce vehicle movements and enable a more diverse waste streams to be processed.


For more information on our current opportunities please browse our development sites.


Mineral Extraction

Peel Environmental have a long heritage of mineral extraction with continuing interests in several sand, gravel and hard rock quarries. These operations have extensive reserves that produce a variety of aggregates and dimension stone products which satisfy local and national markets.


These assets are operated and exploited by our tenants and development partners. Peel Environmental plays an active role in supporting the relevant operators to maintain a suitable land bank at these sites and maximise the value of these properties.

Working with landowners and operators, we actively seek to identify new market opportunities, secure new mineral reserves and bring forward mineral extraction opportunities across the UK.

Landowners and operators who have landholdings which may have mineral interests are invited to contact Peel Environmental to explore potential opportunities and commercial agreements.

We also support the secondary aggregates sector promoting sand recovery from both the dredging grounds linked to the Manchester Ship Canal and from maintenance and commercial offshore dredging operations.

For more information on our current opportunities please browse our development sites.


Waste Management

Peel Environmental owns a portfolio of strategic waste management sites that are operated and managed by a series of tenants and development partners.


The company have a series of operational and non-operational waste disposal facilities across its portfolio along with a number of waste recovery operations processing construction and demolition waste at sites across the North West and Yorkshire.


Whilst the waste management sector is undergoing an evolution there is still a need to continue to provide waste disposal capacity for waste that cannot be re-used, recycled or used to recover heat and electricity through Energy from Waste. Peel Environmental are actively engaged in identifying, securing and developing new disposal and recovery operations for a variety of waste types.



For more information on our current opportunities please browse our development sites.


Landfill Regeneration


Peel Environmental has a portfolio of historic landfill sites and are exploring the potential for landfill regeneration in order to mitigate the long term liability associated with the former use of these sites, to recover both valuable resources and energy that is contained within these sites and ultimately reclaim the land for built development.


We are working with a team of industry experts to assess and deliver the potential opportunities associated with the regeneration of former landfill disposal sites.



For more information on our current opportunities please browse our development sites.


Environmental Technologies

Peel Environmental monitor emerging markets and technologies to identifying early stage opportunities. We work closely with developers and operating companies to provide market entry opportunities through bespoke property solutions.


Peel Environmental have a proven track record of providing new market entrants with support in developing and de-risking projects.

A case study for this being the provision of property to a European paper recycling company for its entry into the UK paper market. Supporting the company through the planning process to secure consent for one of the largest paper recycling and production facility in the UK.

Peel Environmental have an extensive property portfolio which allows the development of scalable and portfolio related transactions. With a proven track record delivering multiple site portfolios for developers of Short Term Operating Reserve and Battery facilities.

We continue to work with a series of key stakeholders including developers and operator in the developing biogas market and the emerging hydrogen sector.


For more information on our current opportunities please browse our development sites.


Energy Parks

Peel Environmental has a proven track record in the development of integrated energy and resource recovery parks. We aim to deliver modern, clean and sustainable industrial parks underpinned with embedded energy generation.


We believe that providing specialist business space for the environmental technology sector in a holistically master planned setting is one way to address some of the environmental challenges we face, as well as providing major economic benefits.

It is widely accepted that grouping together businesses operating in the same or complimentary industries or ‘clustering’ has beneficial outcomes for the individual businesses and the local, regional and national economy. Creating a critical mass of related businesses provides common benefits in shared infrastructure, funding, research and development, academic support, customer relations and developing skills in the workforce.

One such development is Protos in Cheshire which will become a strategic cluster of complementary businesses encompassing energy intensive industries and their associated supply chains, alongside energy generation to provide secure, low carbon and low cost energy.

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Gas and Oil

Peel Gas & Oil is a new business looking to maximise the economic and supply chain benefits to the North of England from the emerging shale gas industry.

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We are a strategic development partner working alongside current and prospective onshore shale gas license holders. Early stage well-pad development is funded and delivered, drawing on the Peel Group’s skills and assets in land, infrastructure, utilities, transport and planning.